Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room (stage side).

Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room was introduced to Tenney's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $225.


Stage side of setup. Faux brick wall backdrop.


Two gray plastic spotlights. Lights can clip onto the top of the stage. Button on back turns lights on and off. Lights take three AG13/LR44 button cell batteries each. Each light has a slot on top to slide colored inserts to change the colors.

Colored Inserts


Orange-brown plastic amplifier with faux wood staining and crosshatch texture. Sides and top have printed images of roses in light and medium pink with teal leaves. Right side has connector jack to connect instruments. Back has opening for music cartridges from Tenney's Music Cartridge Set. Faux brown leather handle on top. Front of amplifier has pink fabric over speakers. Silver plastic instrument panel with four knobs. The left knob changes how much guitar you hear in the pre-recorded songs. The next knob can be pressed in to hear clapping. The one to the right of that can be pressed to play one pre-recorded song. The knob all the way to the right changes the volume.

Takes four AA batteries.


Guitar Stand

Light brown plastic guitar stand. Faux wooden staining. Front of stand has black rose graphic.


Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room (dressing room side).


White plastic tambourine. Bottom of tambourine is light brown. Five sets of silver metal jingles. Side of tambourine has raised circles that are painted metallic silver. Top of tambourine has light pink, dark pink, and green graphic with bird, roses, and decorative lines around it. White flexible handle on side for doll to hold.

Stage Curtains

Pink velour stage curtains attached to silver plastic holders.

Stage Rug

Rectangular dark blue rug with fringes. Rug has dark blue, teal, and light brown printed pattern with faux distressed marks. Pattern includes birds, leaves, and roses.



Four black plastic frames that hold posters. Slot on top to take poster in or out. Frames clip to dressing room wall.

On Air Sign

Gray plastic sign with red and white translucent "On Air" cover. Sign clips into wall on dressing room side. Button on top turns light on or off. Takes three AG13/LR44 button cell batteries.

Dressing Table

Gray plastic dressing table with mirror. Two drawers with translucent blue gem drawer pulls. Mirror has "Good luck, Tenney!" written in black cursive script in the top right corner. Takes three AAA batteries. Button on front turns on white lights around mirror.


Purple plastic chair. Molding on back of seat to replicate cushion. Four gold plastic legs.


Metallic pink plastic compact shaped like a rose. Flips open to show circular sticker faux makeup in light pink and peach.

Vanity, chair, and microphone.


White faux fur puff with light pink ribbon on one side so doll can hold it.

Hair Clip


Plastic faux rose bouquet. Flexible green stems lead to green bottom of bouquet with leaves molded in plastic. Top of bouquet has molded light pink roses. Bouquet can fit in vase.


Clear rectangular plastic vase. Vase can hold bouquet.




Water Bottle

Clear plastic faux water bottle. Water line mark near top to give appearance of a full bottle. Silver paint on screw top of bottle. Side of bottle has Tenney's bird and flower logo molded on it.


Dressing Room Rug

Faux white fur rug.


Robe and Hanger.


Robe Hook

Tambourine Hook


Two paper tickets. Both are double sided.

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