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Tenney's Accessories.

Tenney's Accessories were introduced to Tenney's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $34.




White guitar pick with circular indent in front; this is designed so either Tenney or Logan can hold it in their right hands. Light pink rose design printed on front.


Paperback journal. Cover is a brown wood grain print with a floral pattern. Floral pattern includes roses in white, light pink, and dark pink shades; leaves in light and dark green; and ivory leaves behind it. Light blue on spine. Interior pages begin with Tenney's name in a script font. The next two pages are filled in with lyrics for "Reach the Sky." The rest of the book has blank, lined pages. An image of a treble clef is printed on the top left corner of the pages. The image in the bottom left corner alternates between an image of a guitar and a microphone.


Taylor AG SG Mini

American Girl Taylor GS Mini.

  • A life-sized version[1] of Tenney's guitar, the American Girl Taylor GS Mini, was made in collaboration between Taylor Guitars and American Girl. Retail cost of the life-sized guitar was $599.99, with Taylor Guitars donating $100 of every guitar sold to Notes for Notes.


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