Samantha's Tea Dress with the White Party Slippers

The Tea Dress (also known as Samantha's Tea Dress) was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1991 and was retired in 2005. It is intended to be matched with the White Party Slippers. Retail cost was $24.


Drop-waisted white dress with a pink ribbon sash. The trim on the cuffs matches the ribbon; the cuffs and the high collar also have ungathered white cotton lace. The top of the dress is pleated. Velcro closure up the back and at wrists.


Samantha's Tea Dress in the Wishes catalogue.


Separate white Bertha collar with gathered white lace, 1/8" wide pink ribbon trim, and a pink satin rosette. Closes with Velcro.

Hair Ribbon

A thick, wide pink satin ribbon matching the dress trim.


Lacy knee-high socks.


  • Samantha's tea dress is a version of the one she wears in her portrait; the dress shown does not have the pink accents.
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