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T.J. is Julie Albright's friend and classmate at Jack London Elementary.

Basic Facts[]

Personality and Facts[]

T.J. is good at basketball and plays for the Jack London Jaguars, the school's basketball team. He inspires Julie to try out for the team, even though it is supposed to be an all boys' team. He knows everything about the school from the most popular boy to the most stuck-up girls. He is sometimes reluctant to help Julie and her plans, but he will contribute if he sees the efforts are worth it. He has five old sisters and one younger sister; his five older sisters taught him to play basketball and wanted him to join the school basketball team.

In The Books[]

Meet Julie[]

T.J. becomes the first one to be Julie's friends in her new school and he inspires her to convince Coach Manley to let her join the basketball team.

Julie Tells Her Story[]

Julie and the Eagles[]

Changes for Julie[]

T.J. is the campaign manager when Julie runs for student body president with Joy Jenner. Julie tells him that when she runs for president, he would work with her.

The Tangled Web[]

The Silver Guitar[]

A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie[]