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The Swim Accessories.

The Swim Accessories (also sold as AG Swim Accessories for Dolls) is a Truly Me accessory released in 2017 and retired in 2020. Retail value is $18.


Miniature version of a summer edition American Girl magazine.


White plastic faux sunscreen tube. Top of tube and cap are both dark magenta. Main portion of tube has magenta dot pattern with occasional AG star in place of dots. Center of tube has label that reads "American Girl Sunscreen waterproof 30."

Water Bottle[]

Clear plastic water bottle with magenta AG star logo pattern on the side and AG logo. White plastic top attached with white straw.


White terry cloth towel with magenta and purple print on it. Print includes AG star logos and fireworks shapes. American Girl logo and star embroidered in magenta along side. Towel folds up into attached bag in the same print with two pink strings on each side for straps.


  • A similar version of this water bottle, the Star Water Bottle, was available for children.