The Sweet Pairings Earrings.

The Sweet Pairing Earrings are Truly Me earrings released in 2018 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $10.

Pink Studs

Pink gemstone stud earrings. Silver posts.

Heart Studs

White hear studs with multicolored "sprinkles." Silver posts.

Ice Cream Cone Studs

Pink ice cream on cream waffle striped cone; ice cream has blue sprinkles. Silver post on back is centered more to the top.

Doughnut Stud

Single doughnut earring stud. Tan base with pink frosting and white and blue sprinkles. Silver backing; the silver post on back is centered more to the top.

Mug Stud

Single mug stud. Blue mug with brown "cocoa" with white marshmallows. Silver post.

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