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This article is about the modern doll item. For the Angelina Ballerina outfit, see Sweet Dreams PJs.

AGP SweetDreamsPJs

Sweet Dreams PJs.

The Sweet Dreams PJs is a My American Girl outfit released through American Girl Place before 2014 and later retired. Retail cost was $14. They were paired with the Sweet Dreams Accessories Set.

The outfit was offered on the website in 2014 before retirement for a discounted price of $7.


Pink tank top. Pink elastic straps. Pleating and pink buttons on bodice. Swooped neckline. Velcro closure up the back.


Pink capri pants with white American Girl star pattern. Piped cuffs. Elastic waistband.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

AGP SweetDreamsPJs girls

Girls' pajamas.

The children's matching pajamas were available for $36.