The Sweet Dreams Garden Tent.

The Sweet Dreams Garden Tent is a WellieWishers accessory released in 2017. Retail cost is $38.


Pink plastic tube framing with tent on top. Pink fabric tent with light pink ruffles around frame on either side. Sides of tent have designs with birch trees, flowers, fireflies and wildlife. Sheer mesh pink fabric covers doors on either side.


White lantern with green plastic vine attached. This lantern is the same as the ones in the Garden Theater Stage. Takes three 1.5 volt button cell batteries.

Graham Crackers

Teal box of graham crackers.


Clear plastic bag with hard plastic jumbo marshmallows sealed inside.


Plastic faux stick with marshmallows "roasting" on end. Dolls can hold stick.

Chocolate Bar

Plastic chocolate bar with wrapper.


Plastic s'more.

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