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Summer Amusements, second edition (1994-2001)

The Summer Amusements were introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1987, revised in 1994, and retired in 2001. They are associated with the book Samantha Saves the Day. Retail cost was $22.

Paint Box[]

Wooden painter's box. Gold hinges and latch; attached brown cord handle with gold brads and trim. Bottom has sections for paint tubes. First edition has six sections in two three-row columns; second edition has five vertical sections in single row. Inner lid has attached elastic cord with loop to store paintbrush and palette.


Sam SummerFun Big

Summer Amusements, first edition (1987-1994)

Six tubes of functional watercolor paint in silver metal tubes with white caps and black labels. Colors included: Lemon Yellow, Carmine (red), Vermilion (red-orange), Viridian (green), Cobalt Blue, and Chinese White. With the 1994 revision, Chinese White was removed and tubes became slightly larger. Before retirement, tubes were changed to white plastic.


Black handled flat paint brush. Silver ferrule. Brown bristles.


Wooden painter's palette.


Stuffed faux-buckram pine scented square pillow. Front has green print of pine trees on a hillside and capital block letters: "I Pine For You". Inner stuffing simulates pine needles.


Red cover sketchbook. Bound with a thin black ribbon. Cover states My Sketchbook in script. Inner title page: Happy Memories of Teardrop Island: Sketches and Watercolors by Lydia (lower image: wildflowers with leaves). Inner pages have black and white images of birds, chipmunk, trees, flowers, rocks, or a picnic basket in lower right corners. Five simulated watercolor images included:

  • Family Picnic, Summer 1897: Samantha, Lydia, and Mr. Parkington on a family picnic (lower image: picnic basket).
  • Baby Samantha at the split rock: toddler Samantha sitting next to a large split rock (lower image: three rocks).
  • Picking flowers with Father: Samantha and Mr. Parkington standing near a lake (lower image: wildflowers with leaves).
  • Samantha at the Waterfall, 1897: Samantha and her father wading in a pond near a waterfall (lower image: monarch butterfly on a flower ).
  • Good-bye to the island: Samantha on her father's shoulders near the lakeside by a canoe (lower image: water lilies).

All other pages are blank.


  • This is one of the few items with a clear reference image of Lydia Parkington outside of the series.

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