Kirsten's Straw Ornaments.

Kirsten's Straw Ornaments was a a Historical Character Craft Kit offered as part of the Portfolios of Pastimes and part of Kirsten's Collection, released in 1991 and retired in 1996. The retail price was $16.

The kit contains enough to make three different straw ornaments: The Straw Heart, Straw Angel, and Straw Star.

Note: Each of the three ornaments came individually packaged with all needed components together; they are being listed together here for ease.


Cut and gathered lengths of craft straw per ornament.


Two strands of crafting oats for the Straw Star.


Red satin ribbon about 3/8" wide.


Red cord craft string.

Pattern Sheets

White paper "pattern sheet" diagram guide sheets.

Measuring Tape

One yard (36") long white plastic measuring tape.

Instruction Book

Instruction book with diagrams and instructions on making three ornaments.

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