Stirling Howard is the close friend of Kit Kittredge.

Personality and Facts

Stirling Howard first appears in Meet Kit when he moves into Kit's house with his mother. He is originally perceived as a timid child who is constantly sheltered under his mother's wing due to his extreme allergies. However, Kit and Ruthie soon discover that he has many similar interests and he becomes more independent from his mother as the series goes on.

Stirling is an excellent artist and frequently adds drawings to Kit's homemade newspapers. Stirling is also a fan of the Cincinnati Reds and Schnozz like Kit is. He is described as being short, but having a low husky voice. He is also described as hiding surprising strength.

In The Books

Meet Kit: An American Girl

Stirling and his mother start to live as boarders in the Kitteredge home, since Stirling's father lost his job and is currently trying to find a job in Chicago. Kit is forward to having Stirling in the Kitteredge home, since "it would be fun to have a boy in the house." However, Stirling was not at all what Kit wanted. She states that she thought that Stirling would not be sickly and delicate.

Kit Learns a Lesson: A School Story

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Changes for Kit: A Winter Story

Kit's Home Run

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Really Truly Ruthie

Danger at the Zoo

A Thief in the Theater

Stirling was first seen selling newspapers for the Cincinnati Daily Herald, as Kit came along to escort him from a band of bullies who demanded money from him, in exchange for the privilege of selling newspapers in their territory.

Missing Grace

Intruders at Rivermead Manor

The Jazzman's Trumpet

Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit

In The Film

He is first seen standing up for Kit to Roger and Roger's friends. His full name is stated in the movie as Stirling Howard IV.

He is played by Zach Mills.


  1. This is according to the movie.
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