Stars, Stripes and Surprises: A Molly Classic Volume 2 is a bound book of the last three books of Molly's Central Series.

Stories Included

Changes and Added Transitions

  • Throughout, handwritten or letter parts that were originally illustrated or given unique fonts (e.g. Emily's invitations, official telegrams) are replaced with italics in block quote paragraphs.
  • Molly Saves the Day: Chapter One: Camp Gowonagin (now Chapter Six) has multiple paragraphs before the original text explaining several events. Two weeks after Molly and Emily's tea party birthday, Aunt Primrose leaves the hospital, and Emily goes to stay with her; Molly's family is sad to see her leave, and Molly states that she's glad that Emily has Yank and she has Bennett to keep her company, as her room is quieter without Emily. Emily continues to attend school, and she and Molly meet on weekends to walk their dogs. The book transitions from May into June. When school ends, Emily and Aunt Primrose go visit family friends in Wisconsin, and Molly is sad to see her go but is heading to summer camp.
  • Chapter Five: The Pink Army (now Chapter Ten) has several ending paragraphs to cover some of what was covered in the removed illustration. This explains that the girls who developed poison ivy have rashes and are covered in calamine lotion. Molly--despite her soreness and itchiness, is glad she, Linda, and Susan are getting along again and that, as they head to Camp Gowonagin's Flag-Raising Ceremony, she's sure she will come back to camp--but avoid Poison Point.
  • Changes for Molly: Chapter One: Hurray for the U.S.A.! (now Chapter Eleven) has a transitional paragraph about Molly, Linda, and Susan returning to school, starting fourth grade (in the same class), and how Molly is unhappy when another Christmas and New Year's 1945 pass without Dad; she is wondering how long it will take for him to return home. She is trying to be patriotically patient but it isn't easy.

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