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The Spider Witch Costume as seen on Just Like You 14.

The Spider Witch Costume is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2004 and retired in 2006. Retail cost was $24.


Black knee-length dress. Close fitting sleeves have attached gloves to cover doll's hands. Zigzag edged hem with black sheer underlayer. Black sheer overlay on skirt printed with shiny purple spiderwebs.


Black tights. Semi-opaque.


Black "patent leather" flats.


High purple stand-up collar. Front forms a V panel on dress front. Back (curving behind doll's head) shaped to resemble a spiderweb. Spiderweb shaped quilting through stiffening layer.

Spider Legs[]

Detachable spider leg cape. Three black "legs" on each side (this is slightly inaccurate, because counting these with the doll's arms and legs would make a total of ten limbs). Black sheer between "legs" embroidered with black spiderwebs.

Mask Stickers[]

Two star-shaped magenta-outlined mask stickers.

Ponytail Holder[]

Purple scrunchie to tie doll's hair into a high ponytail.


Silver pendant necklace.

Treat Bag[]

Silver trick-or-treat bag.


Sheet of stickers to decorate the treat bag.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

SpiderWitchCostume girls

The Spider Witch Costume for children.

The children's costume was available for $48.

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