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The Sparkle and Shine Outfit as seen on Just Like You 85.

To see the American Girl Outlet Store exclusive item, see Sparkle and Shine Dress.

The Sparkle and Shine Outfit[1] is the thirteenth and current meet outfit for the Truly Me dolls, replacing the Truly Me Outfit in 2020.

The male complement is the Casual and Cool Outfit.


Currently this outfit is not available as a separate purchase.


Cap sleeved knee length knit dress. Pattern of white background with lines of diagonal stars and American Girl Logo stars in alternating sizes and colors: metallic silver, magenta, lime green, light blue, purple, coral, aqua blue, and pink. Bias binding at sleeve caps and neckline (neckline is same fabric as dress, while sleeves are white). American Girl logo tag on lower left skirt hem. Velcro closure in back.


Magenta satin raglan-sleeve bomber jacket. Rainbow gradient functional zipper with silver star zipper pull. Left breast pocket has American Girl star logo in light blue with pink, yellow and aqua smaller solid stars. Pink and silver striped ribbing at neckline, cuffs, and waistband.


Pink vinyl molded shoes (in similar shape to the Sparkle Sneakers). Multicolored glitter on top part of shoe.


Light pink panties with white trim.


Copy of the book Friends: Making Them and Keeping Them.



The accessories are available for purchase separately for $30 or bundled with the doll for a discounted price.


Bright blue tulle skirt. Silver elastic waistband. Top layer has silver metallic stars and star logos imprinted.


Silver knit leggings. Silver threads interwoven in knit. Ribbed cuffs.


Bright blue plastic headband. Five molded stars with glitter overlay.


Magenta plastic vinyl belt. Silver star logo buckle.


Purple rectangular iridescent vinyl flap purse. Velcro closure. Silver woven ribbon strap.


Black molded plastic smartphone. Clear front panel. Back opens to insert screens.

Smartphone Screens

Two dual-sided laminated cardstock smartphone screens. Screens overall simulate the Apple iOS 7 systems.

  • First pair:
    • Magenta floral lock screen: 12:15 Friday and patterned background, signal strength and battery at top and Unlock > at bottom
    • Grey incoming call screen: signal strength, 12:15 and battery at top; Sis and call length of 5:26; Mute, Keypad, and Speaker logos; call in process symbol in red
  • Second Pair:
    • Weather screen: Blue background. Displaying Current weather of 77° and partially sunny with five day forecast for Sunday through Thursday
    • American Girl mobile site: Logo at top, Home and Games at top menu; Left column for Home shows logos for Grace, Gabriela, and Tenney while right column has games for Saige, Lea, and Tenney.

Phone Case

Pink plastic phone case. Molded handle.


Five $1 US bills.

Dress Like Your Doll

The child-sized outfit is available:

  • Dress: $50
  • Jacket (reversible): $50


  1. This outfit was not given an official name; its name on this wiki is derived from the Sparkle and Shine Accessories it is paired with.
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