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The Sonali Face Mold was the seventh face mold created for the American Girl Doll line. It was first used on Sonali Matthews in 2009, but was initially created for a prototype of Mia St. Clair that was never made.


The eyes are round, and the face has full cheeks and an open-mouthed smile like most molds but slightly wider. The nose is slimmer than the one used on the Addy Mold but wider than the Classic Mold; the overall face shape is reminiscent of the Josefina Mold.

The ears on Sonali-Mold dolls differ greatly than those on other, often older molds. The top part of the ear appears to be flat with very little carving or detailing in the vinyl. On every other face mold prior to this one, the ears have curves, ridges and other additional defining features. Later molds such as the Joss Mold and Claudie Mold followed this.

Like the Addy Mold, this mold has not been released in light skin tones outside of availability in the Create Your Own line.

In the Create Your Own system, the mold is described as "round face, oval-shaped eyes," or by shape, "oval"; this was later changed to "teardrop."

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