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The Sonali Doll.

The Sonali Matthews doll was released in 2009 as a companion to Chrissa Maxwell, and was available for only one year before retirement. She was considered part of the Girl of the Year collection for 2009.

Sonali Doll

  • Face Mold: Sonali Mold
  • Skin: Dark
  • Brows: Feathered
  • Hair: Very dark brown, waist length, left side part, no bangs, highlights, long, loose curls
  • Eyes: Dark Brown

Meet Outfit

Sonali wears her meet outfit on the cover of Chrissa Stands Strong. In that book, she wears the dress to the anti-bullying party at the end of Chrissa's stories. In the movie, she wears the dress at the debut of the fourth grade social studies project. The outfit corresponds with Gwen's meet outfit and Chrissa's Sundress.

The Sonali doll with the Friends book.


Lime green t-shirt with cap sleeves. Velcros up the back.


Aqua knit empire styled tunic. Cabling work on lower half. Two front pockets. Shoulder straps that close with functional buttons.


Denim knicker-style knee length pants. Lime green floral stamp on right leg. Faux side slits. Knickers have a fake fly and stitching to show pockets, but no real pockets; however, this is hidden when wearing either shirt over them. Elastic waistband at back.


Aqua blue ballet flats. Light blue bow over toe and vamp. Black soles, low heel.


Lime green panties. Flower stitching on left hip and aqua topstitching on elastic.


Sonali came with the book Friends: Making Them and Keeping Them.


  • In both the book and movie, Sonali is portrayed as being fairer-skinned, with a tone closer to the "medium" skin tone used by American Girl. However, the doll has a very dark skin tone.

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