The Softball Uniform as seen on Just Like You 20.

The Softball Uniform (also known as the Softball Set) is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1999 and retired in 2001. Retail cost was $24.


Short sleeved baseball/softball jersey (top). Main fabric is white with navy pinstripes, sleeves of navy blue. White facing down front opening with five navy buttons. Red piping trim at edge of facing and above sleeve hems. White number 4 outlined in red on right front near hem, red and white American Girl Today logo on left shoulder. Hip length.


Navy blue baseball/softball pants. Trimmed with red piping down outside of legs. Pants are gathered slightly into cuffs just below the knee.


Pale bluish grey knee socks. These are tall enough for the pants to overlap them.


Navy softball cleats with white and red accents. Black studded rubber soles. Black laces.


Pinstripe baseball cap matching the jersey. Navy brim. Red topstitching. Small white-outlined red star appliqued on front of cap.


Doll sized "leather" softball glove. Material is a yellowish brown natural leather shade.


Doll sized softball bat. Yellowish wood finish. Red tape around handle. Red and black diamond shaped logo on striking surface of bat.


Doll sized white softball. Red feather stitching.

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