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The Snowboard Gear I.

The Snowboard Gear I is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2004 and retired in 2005. It was the complementary set to the Snowboard Outfit I. Retail cost was $22.


Acrylic snowboard. Light pink at front half with "American Girl" in darker pink lettering with lime outline; jagged lime green Hot pink design at second half with orange, lime green, pink, and lilac multicolored six-petaled flowers. Underside has "Powder Pup" in similar font and a single purple/lilac/orange/lime six-petal flower; additional flower and bubbles motif outlined. Purple footholds. Board measures fifteen inches by three and a half (at widest point).


Metallic purple plastic helmet. "American Girl" in darker pink lettering with lime outline on front center. Silver trim at bottom. Black elastic straps with buckle snap closure. Foam padding on interior of helmet.


Lip balm necklace. Tube is purple plastic with lime green plastic trim at top and lime green rotating bottom. Lime green American Girl text with Slope Stick in orange. Attached to transparent purple plastic cording with metal clamp near top. Fastens closed with purple ball-in-hole closure.


Lime green ski goggles. Silver metallic plastic lens. Purple strap. American Girl woven into strap design in lime green.


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