The Smart Girl's Guide Kit: Worry with Doll #1.

The Smart Girl's Guide Kit: Worry is a Smart Girl's Guides book and kit set released in 2019. Retail cost is $45.

The kit comes in a pink and blue print storage box with shredded paper confetti and with choice of modern mini doll at purchase.


A copy of A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry.


Fuzzy purple sleep socks. AG initials embroidered in white on the sides. One size fits most.

Sky Light

Black projection light by Streamline Imagined[1]. Light is clear, and painted in black with spackled star pattern to stream light through. Two switches on opposite sides of base allow for white light, multicolored cycling LEDs (red/green/blue), or a combination of the two. Requires three AA batteries (not included).

Neck Warmer

Rainbow neck warmer by Streamline Imagined[2]. Knit fabric with six rainbow striped and attached white cloud decorations on each end. Inner pocket on inner back side holds lavender and buckwheat-filled inner bag that can be heated separately in microwave (instructions on tag of inner heat bag).

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