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This is about the modern line outfit. For the Angelina Ballerina outfit, see Skating Outfit.

Skating Dress

The Skating Star as seen on Just Like You 10, shown with the Skating Gear.

The Skating Star was an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1997 and retired in 2002. It was paired with the Skating Gear. Retail cost was $18 and increased to $20.


Long-sleeved raglan skating dress made of dark blue-purple ribbed stretch knit with small dots of silver glitter evenly distributed all over one side of fabric. Bodysuit has glitter on outside of fabric; circular skirt has glitter on underside. Silver holographic sequin trim at the neck, waist, hem, and wrists. Dress fastens up the back with five small silver snaps.


Large metal barrette covered in looped strings of silver holographic sequins and loops of blue-purple cord, matching the colors of the dress.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

SkatingOutfit1997 girls

Children's outfit.

The children's outfit was sold as the Skating Outfit. It was available for a cost of $55 (later $58) and came in blue and pink versions. It came with a silver rhinestone pin in the American Girl of Today logo. The pin was shown affixed to the collar.

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