Singing Bird is the Best Friend of Kirsten Larson, as indicated by the Magnetic Mini Worlds and paper dolls. A doll of her has not been produced, and with the end of the Best Friends line, it is doubtful that one ever will be.


Singing Bird is in awe of Kirsten. She is specifically fascinated with Kirsten's "yellow hair," and the name sticks. Singing Bird is a Sioux and is daughter to the chief Brave Elk. She liked to exchange gifts with Kirsten, and even brought her to her village. But Singing Bird had to move away because there wasn't enough food since the new settlers came. Singing Bird is quiet, often surprising Kirsten with how swiftly she moves. She loves to explore as much as Kirsten does. She learned some English from Kirsten, and taught Kirsten some words from her language.

In the Books

Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Kirsten first meets Singing Bird hiding in the cat tails by the stream. Singing Bird didn't react to Kirsten's greeting and ran off when she was distracted by the deer. Kirsten found Singing Bird's footprint and a blue bead she had dropped, and leaves a doll cake in it's place. Singing Bird returns at some point and places a duck feather in it's place, starting a series of trades the two had with each other.

One night Kirsten decides to leave her gift, bread with honey, and stay until she arrives. When Singing Bird arrives, she looks straight at Kirsten, and doesn't run off when she approaches her. She hands Kirsten her gift from her pouch, which Kirsten compliments and calls pretty. Singing Bird is fascinated with Kirsten's hair and touches it. When Kirsten keeps calling Singing Bird's items and clothes pretty, she touches Kirsten's apron and tries to pronounce the word pretty. When Kirsten pulls out her hankie, she's pleased to see Kirsten had kept all her gifts, and seems to treasure Kirsten's hankie gift.

Every day, the girls would explore the woods and caves along the stream, and Singing Bird taught Kirsten how to whistle like a Meadowlark. Singing Bird also seemed to like to touch Kirsten's braid, the action becoming part of her greeting whenever meeting up with Kirsten. Kirsten takes Singing Bird to the doll fort, and she calls the place pretty and admires all the home made doll furniture. She creates her own toy tepee and invites Kirsten to visit her village.

On the day the two agreed to meet up again, Singing Bird happily accepts the food Kirsten offers her and instructs Kirsten to follow her. The two run across the field, through a grove of pines, and up a trail to the top of the hill where Singing Bird's tribe was. Singing Bird kept close to Kirsten's side as they walked into town, and invites Kirsten to visit her father, Brave Elk. He comments that Singing Bird considered Kirsten a friend, and she was learning a lot of English words from her. Singing Bird shows Kirsten her leather pouch, which held her knife and bone needle, as well as her doll. When Kirsten has to return to school, Singing Bird goes back with her to help find the trail back home.

Kirsten is unable to visit Singing Bird as frequently once her family starts eating with Uncle Lars' family and Miss Winston. Kirsten leaves a yarn doll one evening, which Singing Bird trades for a patch of beadwork. She also leaves a note indicating she wanted to meet Kirsten the following morning, but Kirsten writes that she's unable to make it.

Kirsten doesn't see Singing Bird until she goes to fetch water from the stream after reciting her poem at school. Singing Bird urges Kirsten to come with her now, as they were going today. She explains that her tribe had no food due to bad hunting, and they were going west to find more animals. Singing Bird strokes Kirsten's braid, asking her to come with her. Singing Bird calls Kirsten her sister as she takes her hand.

When Kirsten explains that she couldn't come, Singing Bird is visibly disappointed. She gives Kirsten the bone needle from her pouch as a gift, and says that they would come back if the deer came back. She touches Kirsten's braid one last time before running off, and she waves from the edge of the forest before running out of sight.

Kirsten on the Trail

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