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Silver Star Earrings

The Silver Star Earrings (also known as the Classic Silver Doll Earrings or Silver Earrings) are a My American Girl accessory set, released in 2008 when American Girl began offering ear piercing services at the American Girl Hospital and stores.

Starting in 2015 after they were replaced in piercing, the set was offered as the Silver Earrings for a discounted price of $5 and were available for a standard cost of $7 until they were fully retired in 2019.

Ball Studs[]

Silver round studs.

Heart Studs[]

Silver heart studs.

Star Studs[]

Silver American Girl Logo star studs.

Hoop Earrings[]

Silver "hoop" danglers.

Heart Earrings[]

Silver heart shaped danglers.

Star Earrings[]

Silver heart shaped danglers.


  • The logo star studs are currently used when a Create Your Own is customized with pierced ears.

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