The Shimmering Ballroom Gown as seen on Just Like You 22.

The Shimmering Ballroom Gown is a Truly Me outfit released in 2017 and retired the same year. Retail cost was $58.


Yellow sleeveless ball gown. Bodice of gold semi-sheer fabric with gold flecks and dots. (Bodice lined with yellow satin). Sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps; left strap decorated with gathered yellow glitter tulle strip and six clear round beads. Six petaled peplum at waist (hemmed with gold thread edging). Underskirt of yellow satin; overskirt of triple layer tulle (top layer has interspersed glitter). Velcro closure up back.


Ivory elbow length stretch satin gloves.


ShimmeringBallroomGown shoes


Gold glitter vinyl ballet flat shoes. White gems on toes. Black soles.


Gold glitter vinyl round style clutch purse. White gem stone over closure, Off white banding around edges. Elastic wrist strap on left side. Velcro closure.


Double strand clear beaded bracelet. Elastic cord strung. White satin ribbon bow.


Gold plastic headband. Seven attached golden faux-leather butterfly shapes with punch outs on wings.

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