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Secrets on 26th Street is the fifth book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Susan O' Neal
  • Helen O' Neal
  • Lucy O' Neal
  • Rose O' Neal
  • Dad (Mentioned Only)
  • Mr. Jefferson
  • Russell Cochran
  • Mrs. Cochran
  • Mrs. Flynn
  • Miss Beatrice "Bea" Alexis Victoria Rutherford
  • Lester Barrow
  • Mr. Riley
  • Mr. Delaney

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Threats[]

On a very gray, drizzling day, Susan O'Neal is trying to rush home, despite the slowness of her sisters, Helen and Lucy. A new boarder from England is supposed to arrive at their boarding house, and Susan yearns for some reading time before her chores. Susan scolds Helen for stopping to admire a poster for a movie starring Helen's favorite actress, Mary Pickford. Helen claims that one day she will become a movie star, and though Susan doubts it, she consents, only to make Helen hurry home. Walking briskly, Susan thinks of her home dream to become a teacher, though there is little to no chance for a young Irish girl to attend college in her time. While passing the corner of 28th and Tenth, Susan spies two women in the rain, carrying signs crying, "VOTES FOR WOMEN." Susan thinks of the suffragists, and claims that their work has no impact on Susan. Both girls stop by D'Attilio's Bakery, and excitedly anticipate choosing their loaf. However, Mrs. Flynn, a neighbor of the O'Neals is standing in line and inquires as to how their mother, Mrs. Rose O'Neal, is. Mum is always sick and tired, from working twelve hours a day, six days a week, and four months behind paying for their apartment. Mrs. Flynn also warns the children to lock their doors tonight, as the Jimmy Curley gang broke into several houses on the street behind them. Helen is slightly scared, and Susan is even more frazzled when the customer at the counter, in front of Mrs. Flynn turns to reveal himself as Lester Barrow, the landlord who pays no attention to the dreadful circumstances that the O'Neals have to face.

Chapter Two: A Figure in the Window[]

Chapter Three: A Secret[]

Chapter Four: Bluffing[]

Chapter Five: Inside Hell's Kitchen[]

Chapter Six: The Suffrage Problem[]

Chapter Seven: Caught in the Riot[]

Chapter Eight: Lester's Visit[]

Chapter Nine: A Telegram and a Letter[]

Chapter Ten: Tracking Down Mum[]

Chapter Eleven: Bea's Job[]

Chapter Twelve: Susan's Gamble[]

A Peek Into the Past[]