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Secrets in the Hills is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Josefina's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Secret Sign

Chapter Two: Two Strangers

Chapter Three: La Llorona

Chapter Four: A Frightening Prediction

Chapter Five: Beginning the Search

Chapter Six: A New Partnership

Chapter Seven: Trouble Between Sisters

Chapter Eight: A Ghost in the Graveyard

Chapter Nine: Francisca's Surprise

Chapter Ten: The Widow's Trunk

Chapter Eleven: Searching for Gold

Chapter Twelve: Secrets Revealed

Chapter Thirteen: Heart's Desire

Looking Back

Discusses New Mexican legends and captives during the 1820s. Topics covered:

  • The Spanish explorers who were drawn to New Mexico with tales of treasure and legends of cities made entirely of gold.
  • Legends of lost mines and buried treasures first created by colonists, and the archaeological evidence that suggest some of these stories may have been true.
  • The origin of certain treasure stories being the Pueblo Revolt, when settlers hid their precious objects in the ground until they wished to return.
  • The relationship between Spanish settlers and Pueblo Indians, and the other native groups who would raid Spanish settlements and Pueblo villages.
  • Women and children who were taken to become captives, and those who were later on sold as servants.
  • Captives who escaped but had changed greatly due to their experiences, with some deciding to stay with their captors and adjust to their new lives.
  • The American traders who would go down the Santa Fe Trail to trade in New Mexico.
  • The strong business ties between New Mexican and American traders, prompting the American traders who settled down in New Mexico to marry girls from their traders' families.

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