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Science Lab Set.

The Science Lab Set is a My American Girl accessory set released in 2013 and retired in 2015. Retail cost was $36.


Blue and gray plastic microscope. Eyepiece allows for view of slides, no magnification. American Girl logo on side.


Cardstock "slides" of animal and plant pictures. Contained in cardboard box that opens. Atom design and American Girl logo on lid.

Test Tube Rack[]

Plastic rack for test tubes. Slots on top to rest the test tubes.

Test Tubes[]

Three plastic test tubes with height notches. Plastic non removable stoppers and plastic liquid. Green, blue, orange.


Green fabric doll apron with Inner Star U logo and American Girl logo. Blue ribbon American Girl tag sewn on front left side. Closes with velcro at neck and waist.

Safety Glasses[]

Plastic doll glasses. Clear frames and lenses, opaque blue sides.

Science Book[]

Abridged miniature copy of Scott Foresman Science: The Diamond Edition.