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Science Fair Set.

The Science Fair Set is a Truly Me accessory released in 2015 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $32.


Gray and light blue telescope on gray plastic tripod. Tripod legs can be extended or pulled in. Includes a focus wheel that turns and a pretend compass. Slides can fit onto telescope.



Slides, ribbon, and sticker sheet in the Science Fair Set.

Five transparent telescope slides connected on a blue plastic peg. Slides include various moon and star systems. Slides fit onto telescope.

Display Board[]

Purple display board with astronomy project. Bottom of board has a place to write name of creator. Sides of board have information on "Space Explorers," "Sky Scientists," and "Starry Sights." Movable wheels for true and false questions and moon phases.


Purple sticker sheet. Stickers of glittery silver and red stars as well as of various planets with white description boxes.

Prize Ribbon[]

Pink fabric prize ribbon. Purple and white font reads "1st Place Science Fair." White stars and a purple planet with rings are also printed on it. Gray string handle.