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Molly's Plaid Jumper and Blouse (2022 Version), a school outfit.

School Outfits are outfits originally associated with the Historical Characters' School Books. It is the outfit the character wore on the cover illustration of the school book until the 2004 redesigns and are part of the larger school collections for each character.

These originally had a general design element of being or simulating a multi-piece outfit[1], and were often based on a fashion notably unique to the era (such as Addy's first school suit being based on the zouave jacket style or Samantha's based on the Buster Brown look).

Because Kaya has a different lifestyle, she does not have a specific school outfit. Julie Albright has a school-themed book (Julie Tells Her Story) but since basketball is a major part of her education, she has a basketball uniform and related accessories.

List of School Outfits[]

Items in italics are retired.


  1. Notable exceptions are Samantha Parkington and Kirsten Larson.