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School Desk Set.

The School Desk Set is a Just Like You furniture and accessory set released in 2009 and retired in 2015. Retail cost is $42.


Light blue desk-and-chair combination. Green curved writing table; movable to allow for doll placement. Matching underbasket. AG star cutout on back of seat.

Math Book[]

Abridged version of Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Mathematics (Diamond Edition) for Fifth Grade.


Yellow folder. White star (with white lined outline and dotted second outline) on front with abbreviated American Girl logo.

Homework Sheets[]

Five homework sheets:

  • Science: "Write 5 reasons why plants are useful on the lines provided." Five-leaved vine with five answer lines.
  • Math: Multiplication: "Write the answer to each question on the line provided." Sixteen listed problems.
  • Geography: State Capitals: "Write the name of each state capital next to the state's name." Ten states listed.
  • Art: The Color Wheel: "Color each section of the color wheel with the following colors: red, orange, green, blue,yellow, and violet. Complimentary colors must be opposite of each other." Six-sectioned circle to fill.
  • Language Arts: Cause and Effect: "Each sentence describes an effect. Use your imagination to write your own cause. Use complete sentences." Six sentences listed.

Pencil Bag[]

Magenta pink canvas pencil bag. White zipper closure. White butterfly and AG abbreviated logo.