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The Scholastic Corporation is an American multinational publishing, education and media company. They are primarily known for publishing, selling, and distributing books (and educational materials) for schools, teachers, parents, and children.

In relation to American Girl

Scholastic was the first publisher of the Central Series for the Historical Characters until 1991, when Pleasant Company (and later American Girl) took over full publication.

Publishers Weekly reported in 2016 that American Girl and Scholastic had formed a new partnership to publish both physical books and electronic books based on the BeForever and Girls of the Year lines, starting in January 2017.[1]

Historical series--some with characters licensed to Scholastic--include the A Girl Named series and Real Stories From My Time. Individual contemporary fiction includes the Like Sisters and Forever Friends series. These series books are not sold directly through American Girl, but can be purchased through many books sellers, including Scholastic's online store.

Scholastic took over publishing the main books for Girls of the Year and Contemporary Characters in 2017 until 2019, and also published extra WellieWishers books.

The partnership initially included reissuing books for retired Girl of the Year series, and expanding the older series with more books; however, this never came to pass.

Scholastic Publications

Girls of the Year

Contemporary Characters


  • Willa's Butterfly Ballet
  • Emerson Is Mighty Girl!
  • Ashlyn's Fall Fiesta
  • Kendall's Snow Fort
  • Meet the WellieWishers
  • Sunny Day Scavenger Hunt
  • Pony Surprise

A Girl Named

Real Stories From My Time

Forever Friends

  • Jasmine's Big Idea (#1)
  • Madison's New Buddy (#2)
  • Keiko's Pony Rescue (#3)
  • Sofia's Puppy Love (#4)

Like Sisters



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