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Samantha's Scenes and Settings cover (from booklet).

Scenes and Settings are large book-style backdrops that were made available for the first five Historical Characters. They were released in late 1996 and all retired by 2001.


The scenes and settings are foam board background display books that are 23.5" x 29.5" long and opens to 58" flat. Weighs seven pounds. Snaps are on the front and side, with clear strap at side to close and on top to close and carry. The interior pages are connected with plastic brads at the center of the middle scene, and the spine is maroon plastic.

The cover of the scenes and settings showed the home the character lived in from the front (the main one at the start of the series; for example, Addy's has the street view of Ms. Ford's Dress shop, rather than the boarding house she and her parents later moved to). Five internal pages showed various settings from the stories; the scenes often included a sleeping space such as a bedroom, a cooking space, a classroom, a shopping or store location, and an outdoor setting. (Since Kirsten initially lives in a one-room cabin which serves as both kitchen and bedroom, her settings include the New York City dock she arrives on in Meet Kirsten.) A world map on the back showed the city the stories were set in, and many of the various locations shown inside with other prominent story locations. Each setting had background details that were explained in the included booklet.

A sixteen-page colored booklet was included and discussed the historical details in the images, pointing out small items and details with numbered paragraphs and historical facts about the room details. The booklet also suggested imaginative play with the character in the setting, tied to one of the Central Series books.

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