Sarah Barrett is Courtney Moore's best friend.

Facts and Personality

Sarah is Courtney's best friend. The two met the day after she moved following Maureen's marriage to Mike D'Amico and they moved in with Mike and Tina. She and Courtney have been in the same class in school since kindergarten.

Sarah is outspoken and nearly always speaks her mind. She had her ears pierced on her birthday and wears tiny silver crescent moon earrings every day.

Prior to Mr. Moore's relocation, she would come over on the weekends Courtney was there frequently for Friday-night sleepovers. They were allowed to stay up late enjoying activities such as pillow fights, playing games and music, watching videos, snacking, and making cootie catchers. They also like to make mix tapes from taping songs off the radio and make these for the tapes; their favorite is full of songs with "dance" in the title. Sarah is good at coming up with goofy fortunes that make Courtney laugh or challenging dares.[1]

In The Books

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  1. Informational pamphlet that comes with bedroom items in Courtney's Collection.
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