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Santa's Helper Set

The Santa's Helper Set is a Bitty Baby outfit released in 2000 and retired in 2003. Retail cost was $24.


Red velour dress with white faux feather trim at hem. Long sleeves with faux feather trim on wrists. Faux sprig of holly at collar with green leaves and three red metal bells.


Red velour hat with white faux feather trim on edge and at end of hat. Faux sprig of holly on trim with green leaves and three red metal bells.


Bright red tights with red, metallic scalloped lace at waist.


Red vinyl boots with red glitter in the vinyl. Boots close with a velcro strap. This strap has white faux feathers on it.

Miniature Hat[]

Miniature red velour hat with white trim and white pom pom on end. Fits Bitty Bear.


Tree stacking toy. Base is red plastic and can tilt back and forth. Four tree pieces stack on top. Largest layer has graphics of red bows and a bead strand with red, yellow, and purple beads. The next layer has bells, each with a unique paint pattern, and a graphic of yellow, blue, and silver star beads with circular beads in between. The next layer has ornaments in red, purple, yellow, blue, and white with a strand of yellow and red beads. The top layer has brown gingerbread people with a strand of red hearts and white circles in between. This final layer has a molded yellow star on top.


Bitty Bear's Christmas Tree.


Cardboard box of crayons; box is green and has "Christmas Crayons" written in the center.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

SantaHelperOutfit girls

Catalog image of the Santa's Helper Outfit.

The children's outfit was available for a cost of $46 as the Santa's Helper Outfit. The hat was converted into a headband.


  • At least initially, this set was sold in a unique red metallic box with "Holiday 2000" written on it. The dress also had a green "American Girl, Holiday 2000" tag inside.