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Looking Back: Weddings in 1904

Discusses weddings in turn of the century America. Topics covered:

  • Different events where young ladies and gentlemen would meet for the first time
  • Typical courtship activities of the time, such as playing games, bike riding, or visiting amusement parks
  • How a gentleman would propose to a lady for marriage
  • The placement of the engagement ring on the fiancée's left hand due to the belief a vein in the third finger ran to the heart
  • Gifts exchanged between the betrothed couple and communications in the mail
  • The details that went into the wedding planning, from the date, month, and down to the hour
  • The popularity of June weddings
  • Society weddings of the time, such as the wedding of Consuelo Vanderbilt and Charles Spencer-Churchill
  • Typical fabrics and detailing of the wedding dress
  • Alice Roosevelt's influence on society weddings and ladies' magazine when she married Nicholas Longworth
  • The use of different flowers to convey their significance, or floriography, in wedding bouquets
  • The bridesmaid's involvement in the bridal party
  • Hidden charms baked inside the bridesmaids' cake that would foretell future events for the bridesmaids
  • Common church and home wedding decorations of the time
  • The tossing of shoes at the carriage following the ceremony by the wedding party to ensure good luck for the newlyweds

Activity: Make a Tussie-Mussie

Instructions on how to make a tussie-mussie, a bridesmaid bouquet.


Comparison of the original and recolored illustrations.


  1. It was reprinted again in the Nov/Dec 1996 issue, again under "A Most Exceptional Bridesmaid."
  2. Samantha's Teacher's Guide specifies March.
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