Samantha Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Samantha series.



Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Piney Point

Chapter Two: The Sketchbook

Chapter Three: Teardrop Island

Chapter Four: Through the Passage

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1904

Discusses how people spent time outdoors in turn of the century America. Topics include:

  • The ideal reasons for leaving bustling cities for outdoor summer vacations.
  • The private summer camps that wealthy people owned and visited.
  • How the idea of 'roughing it' in the woods differed from how people were actually living in their vacation homes, and the interior decor that contributed to the roughing it theme.
  • Which elements of home life wealthy people brought with them while they were on vacation.
  • A woman's typical summer wardrobe, which varied from outdoor outfits to evening clothing.
  • The different memories and things people brought back with them to remind them of their outdoor vacation.
  • How early environmentalists, such as John Muir, James and Sarah Philip, and Theodore Roosevelt, helped in preserving nature and animal species for future generations to enjoy.

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