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Samantha: An American Girl Holiday: The Complete Telescript of Samantha's Movie is a telescript about Samantha Parkington's movie, Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.


The 140 page book contains the full movie script, along with production and publicity stills, promotional images, and details about the movie production.

The introduction explains the challenge in turning Samantha's books into a full movie script and how some scenes are true to the books, other book scenes are left out, and additional scenes are added or changed for dramatic effect and pace of storytelling. It also explains that scenes in the script may have changed from the final film due to director choices and film editing.

A full cast list with each character shown in black and white stills is listed, followed by abbreviations in the script and notation that gaps in scene numbering are due to omissions of scenes.

The middle of the book has twelve pages of twenty-four color stills, including behind the scenes, and additional movie facts.

Additional Named Characters[]

The telescript names minor and incidental characters not explicitly named in the movie:

  • Beatrice: Cornelia's elder sister and matron of honor
  • Katherine and Elizabeth: two jealous friends of Cornelia, overheard gossiping during the reception
  • Emma and Edna: two of Samantha's classmates at the academy
  • Lillian: a matron at Coldrock House (stated by Mrs. Frouchy)
  • Miss Thomas: the new headmistress of Coldrock House following Mrs. Frouchy's dismissal

Script/Movie Differences[]

  • The dialogue for the minister is much longer in the telescript during Gardner and Cornelia's vows. There is additional dialogue about the blessing of the rings during the wedding ceremony. The exchange of vows was truncated in the movie, and the ring dialogue was excluded.
  • Gardner and Cornelia's scene discussing installing a shower at their home and Admiral Beemis's courtship with Grandmary is set right after Gertrude forces Mrs. Frouchy out of the Edwards' house in the telescript. This scene is moved to be shown before Miss Stevens' announcement about the speech contest in the movie.
  • A scene of Cornelia and Samantha discussing the poor conditions of Coldrock house is seen, but was cut.


  • The front and back cover interiors show the daily call sheet for Day 21 (front) and Day 24 (back). Day 21 appears to be early and mid-movie shots with the actors for Samantha, Gard, Cornelia, Nellie, and Eddie Ryland, while Day 24 (and invitation to the wrap celebration) list is the scene at the factory with named actors and various extras along the street and at the factory.