Samantha's Shoes and Socks.

Samantha's Shoes and Socks were introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1991 and retired in 2008 following Samantha's archival. Retail cost was $14 and later increased to $15.


Black Mary Jane shoes. Patent leather. The shoes originally had snap enclosures; this was later replaced with velcro.


Lacy white socks. They are identical to the socks that came with the Tea Dress, Lacy Pinafore and Rosebud Circlet, and Play Dress and Pinafore.


Samantha's Shoes and Socks in the Wishes catalogue, showing snap closure.

Black Stockings

Black stockings. Elastic waistband. These are identical to the ones in Samantha's Meet Outfit.

White Stockings

White stockings. Elastic waistband.

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