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Samantha's Doll, second version.

Samantha's Doll was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1986, modified in 1993, and retired in 2008 with Samantha's archival. It is associated with the book Samantha's Surprise. Retail cost was $14 and later increased to $16.

Second Version[]

Porcelain doll. Black hair tied back in a pink bow. Pink dress decorated with white lace. Pink pantalettes and slippers. Attached wooden soldier doll in the right hand.

First Version[]


The original version of Samantha's Doll.

  • The original doll had brown hair, a different face shape and mold, and a much lighter skin tone (close to white). This version retired in 1993.


  • The story and collection explicitly state that the doll is Nutcracker-themed, with a wooden soldier that looks like the one from the ballet (implying that the doll is likely designed after the protagonist, Clara). However, the ballet was not known outside of Russia at the time. The Nutcracker had debuted in Russia in 1892, but was not introduced outside of the country until 1927 and not in its full version until 1934 in England; the first United States performance was in 1944.

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