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This is a list of all the items that are or were available for Samantha Parkington in her Historical Collection.

From May 2009 to August 2014 the entire collection was archived with the exception of her books, movie, and the mini doll; items available before her archival in May 2009 are separated from her BeForever re-release. Any items that were modified or rereleased will be discussed on their article pages.

Doll and Meet Accessories

Samantha comes with a copy of Samantha: The Gift.
With BeForever, Samantha came with a copy of Manners and Mischief.
Samantha originally could come with a copy of Meet Samantha or set of all six Central Series books (hardback or paperback).
A Special Edition 35th Anniversary rereleased with Meet Samantha in the parchment style came out in 2021.

BeForever Outfits

BeForever Accessories

Archived Collection

Samantha's School Collection

Samantha's Holiday Collection

Samantha's Birthday Collection

Samantha's Summer Collection

The Middy Dress with Tam and High Button Shoes were combined and rereleased as this in 2007.

Samantha's Winter Collection

Samantha's Bedtime Collection

Also called Pleasant Dreams, Samantha! and Sweet Dreams, Samantha!

Limited Edition Outfit

Short Story Outfits

Extra Items and Outfits

Extra Outfits

Extra Items

From the Movie



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