Sam Walker is the brother of Addy Walker.


  • Name: Sam Walker
  • First Appearance: Meet Addy


Personality and Facts

At the start of the series, Sam is impulsive, defiant and sullen. He is bitter at his slavery, longs to fight for the Union and has already run off once. Poppa describes him as having a hot head and a hot mouth, and worries he may get the family in trouble with his actions. Despite his attitude, Sam is a smart young man--he consistently comes up with riddles for his younger sister Addy to figure out, and encourages her to keep her mind sharp.

After his return to the family at the end of Addy Saves The Day, it is clear that his personality has become much more mellow due to his time as a soldier. He is much more thoughtful and less impulsive, and a hard worker to help the family financially despite his disability.

Sam lost his left arm fighting in the war for the Union.

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Sam is considered to be very defiant and bitter at his slavery. He has to be pushed into getting up to work by Poppa and grumbles and works lazily at his jobs in the fields. At his age--fifteen--he is considered a grown man in the field and does not work the fields as children do. Unlike his mother, father, and Addy he is not shown as working in or for the household and so most likely was a field slave exclusively.

He wants to run off and join the Union Army to fight in the Civil War and has run away once, just before Esther was born. Master Stevens tracked him down with his dogs; Sam was caught, then punished by whipping in front of the others until his back is bloody. Addy was upset by this and cried as he was being whipped. He must be cleaned up by his parents afterwards.

While Addy is giving water to the field hands, Sam riddles her as he is said to frequently do. The riddle is "What's smaller than a dog but can put a bear on the run?" He ladles water over his head to cool himself but is snapped at by the overseer to drink the water. He scowls at the treatment given to him. Addy answers the riddle correctly with "a skunk."

Addy is the one who overhears that Sam and Poppa are being sold; she attempts to go out to warn them, but is turned away by the overseer. She later sees the wagon where Sam is gagged with shackles on his wrists and ankles and begs that he not be sold. He is hauled away and Addy does not see him again in the book.

When Momma gives Addy her cowrie shell, she ties it on Sam's shoelace for her.

Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Poppa, at his return, tells Addy and Momma that the very next day, he and Sam were separated. He is unsure of where Sam was taken but suspects that it was further south. Addy hopes that he escaped and Poppa says that if there was a way to run, Sam would have found it.

Addy Saves The Day: A Summer Story

At the fair, Addy and Sarah are working the puppets at the children's booth. Addy, as the soldier, asks the dog "What's smaller than you, but can put a bear on the run?" A deep voice says that the answer is so easy that even his little sister knows and answers correctly--a skunk. Addy comes out from behind the stage to see a soldier that looks just like Poppa--Sam. She runs out from behind the booth and hugs him tight. It's only when she pulls away that she sees his left arm is missing and the sleeve is pinned up. She looks at him sadly but he says not to cry as he's fine otherwise and got into Philadelphia the day before.

It is clear that Sam was able to run away from where he was taken to after he and Poppa were separated and joined the Union Army as he wished to do. It is never said what battle he lost his arm in.

Changes for Addy: A Winter Story

He goes to the hospital to help the family find Solomon, Lula, and Esther.

Addy's Little Brother

High Hopes for Addy

When Addy is upset that her family is poor, Sam agrees that they are but the family works hard for the money they have and there is no shame in that.

Shadows on Society Hill

In The Play