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Salon Styling Caddy

The Salon Styling Caddy is a My American Girl accessory set released in 2011 and retired in 2013. Retail cost was $49.


Light blue caddy with four pull-out drawers. Faux wheels on bottom. Two silver racks on either side of drawers. Silver painted handles for shelves.

Caddy measures 7.25" wide x 8" high x 6" deep.

Claw Clips[]

Four claw clips. Two are blue and two are purple.

Bow Clips[]

Two large pink bow clips.

Mini Clips[]

Six plastic mini clips. There is one each in the following colors: purple, pink, green, and light blue. There are two white clips.

Bobby Pins[]

Eight light blue bobby pins.


Six hairbands; three are light green and three are light blue.

Hair Elastics[]

Twenty-five hair elastics. These come in shades of white, translucent white, pink, purple, and dark blue.

Hair Pick[]

Purple sparkly translucent hair pick with five pick pieces. This uses the same design as the Doll Hair Pick.

Spray Bottle[]

Clear spray bottle with pink American Girl logo and star graphic on side.


Ten white plastic rollers with pink foam centers. These fit into the large bottom drawer of the styling caddy.


Sheet of styling tips for dolls. Pink and purple background with image of doll on front. Text on front that reads "Doll Curls and Twirls" in white.


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