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Salon Station.

The Salon Station is a Just Like You furniture and accessory set released in 2009 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $85.

Spa Table[]

Spa table. White with lavender, silver, and blue accents. Curved mirror. Manicure stand at side (blue top and white main base). Three opening drawers. Three shelves.


Four-legged stool. Blue dot-raised iridescent seat with lavender trim and silver metal base.

Polish Bottles[]


Salon Accessories.

Five nail polish bottles. "Petite Polish" on front labels. Lavender caps. Colors are:

  • Ivy (green)
  • Bloom (magenta)
  • PurpleBerry (lavender)
  • Fresh Berry (red)
  • Tangelo (orange)

Nail Polish Stickers[]

Five sets of ten nail polish stickers to simulate nail polish. Each matches the nail polish bottles: green, magenta, lavender, red, and orange.

Nail Files[]

Three flower shaped non functional nail files: blue, orange, and pink.

Nail Clipper[]

Non-functional nail clipper. Pink trim.


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