The Saige Copeland doll.

The Saige Copeland doll was released in 2013 and was available for only one year before retirement. She was considered the Girl of the Year for 2013.

Saige Doll

There are freckles across her cheeks and to either side of her nose.
  • Hair: Wavy, dark auburn, center part, no bangs
Saige came with her hair in a loose two-lock twist.

Meet Outfit


Saige doll with Saige.


Dark indigo stretch knit one-piece dress. Rounded neckline. Short sleeves. Integrated woven-style embroidered belt. Double skirt. Velcros up the back.


Dark tan boots. Four decorative straps around top of boot; top strap has sewn in place decorative silver buckle. Brown plastic sole. Velcro up the back.


Saige meet ring


Silver plastic ring; decorative curves around center. Smooth faux "turquoise" cabochon stone in center. Ring designed to fit around doll's pointer finger.


Silver plastic seven-point abstract post earrings.


Plain light blue elastic panties,

Dress Like Your Doll

SaigeOutfit girls

Saige's Dress and Belt for girls.

Saige's Dress and Belt was available for a cost of $54; the integrated belt on the doll's dress was made separate on the girl's sized outfit.


Saige MiniDoll

Saige mini doll

SaigeWovenBracelet girls

Saige's Woven Bracelet for girls.

  • A mini doll of Saige was released in July 2013; it was only sold in bookstores and third-party merchant sites. The mini doll was never made available for sale directly through American Girl.
  • A girl's bracelet sharing the same design as Saige's belt was made available as Saige's Woven Bracelet for the cost of $5 on the website, however, it was never sold as part of the Dress Like Your Doll outfit.

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  1. These were marketed as "Turquoise" and are a slightly different shade than other blue eyes released.
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