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Saige Copeland is the eleventh Girl of the Year released by the American Girl Doll company. She was released in 2013.


Saige is a ten-year-old girl who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a passion for art (specifically, visual arts), a passion she shares with her grandmother, Mimi. Saige is devastated when she finds out her fourth grade year will not include art, and strives to do something about it.

She is the only child to Marina Copeland, a math professor, and David Copeland, an airline pilot. Saige has a pet dog named Sam and a horse named Georgia.

Saige's best friends are Gabi, an animal lover, and Tessa, a music lover. She also tries to make friends with Tessa's new best friend, Dylan, who's also a music lover.

Saige loves art and horseback riding. When she rides Picasso, she feels like age has no matter. She is a very creative and imaginative girl. She is also afraid of public speaking (in the movie and book) and speaking up for herself, to which she is overwhelmed with, although she eventually learned to overcome it. She enjoys to ride horses with her grandmother Mimi, and her best friend Gabi. She and Gabi enjoy happy talks on a trail ride and singing to the horses while she and Mimi enjoy the peace and quiet of just being with each other. 

Saige, as happened throughout the book and movie, experiences jealousy - her best friend Tessa is becoming best friends with bossy, attitude-filled Dylan. But Saige creatively finds a way through everything, and tries to get through Tessa in ways she knows she can. She also spends time with the new girl, Gabi. Gabi teaches her tricks for their "Professor Piccaso" show at the fair. 

She is in fourth grade at Mesa Grande Elementary School.

Saige is also an artistically gifted girl, having creativity hardwired in her brain. This helps with creative solutions and painting. 




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The Saige Copeland doll.

Meet Outfit

  • Blue embroidered dress with patterned belt
  • Brown wrap strap buckle boots
  • Turquoise ring
  • Turquoise underwear
  • Silver flower earrings


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  • Saige was the first Girl of the Year to have a mini doll.
  • Saige was the first Girl of the Year character to have a birth date explicitly mentioned in her books, followed by Grace Thomas.
  • Saige was the first Girl of the Year to have pierced ears


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