Saige's Painting Set.

Saige's Painting Set is part of Saige's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2013. The retail cost was $48.


Three legged artist's easel. Front lip to hold paintings and notch. White triangular tray; attached to front legs and hooks to back one to stand easel.


Red plastic artist's cup. Attached peg to hook to easel lip.

Paint Tubes

Five paint tubes: black, white, red, yellow, and blue. Non-opening.


Four paintbrushes with functional bristles. Two rounds (purple and blue handles); one flat (green); one shader (purple).


Plastic palette with attached "paint": yellow, red, blue, ochre, white, and black.

Sketch Pad

Drawing pad. Purple cover with flowers on the cover; "Premium Drawing Paper." Black binding. Twenty blank sheets.


Red art portfolio. Three stylized flowers on upper left front; "Art Porfolio" and stylized decorative loop. Black elastic binding to hold cover to back; loops through the back.



Five "pencil" sketches on cardstock quality paper: horse in field, three running horses; house; boots and cowboy hat; open desert.


Five "canvas" paintings: Desert grass field and mountain; hot air balloons over desert; saddle over blanket on fence; red cactus flower; palomino horse.

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