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Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set.

Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set is part of Saige's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2013. Retail cost was $150.

Hot Air Balloon[]

Brightly colored balloon. Round dark gray plastic base that snaps into frame on top of basket. Lighter gray “burner” centered on base. Envelope portion is made of four-sided panels of material, with amber at the base, followed by a narrow stripe of fuschia, a wider stripe of royal blue, a narrow stripe of orchid purple, culminating in aqua blue at the top. Four stylized cactus flowers (Saige’s emblem) printed on balloon in fuschia--two in aqua top portion, two in amber bottom portion. Balloon inflates by means of a blow valve similar to those found on standard beach balls.


Tan plastic basket molded to resemble woven wicker. Dark gray plastic frame on top for balloon base to snap into; there is enough room for two dolls to fit beneath the balloon standing upright in the basket. Two sides of basket have a slight downward curve in the upper edge, other sides are straight. Hinged door on one straight side of basket for ease of access. Golden orange trim around upper edge of basket and door. Two red accents at each outside corner of basket. Two rows of cream rope woven through holes in basket plastic; one just below upper trim and one just above base. These ropes continue across the door panel. Lower rope forms two loops at each curved side. Black square details along sides of basket.


Pale aqua binoculars with orchid purple binding and hinge. White accents on hinge. Aqua focus knob. Clear (non-magnifying) lenses. White cord for hanging around doll’s neck.


Royal blue hardcover logbook. White compass graphic and outline balloon graphic. Light aqua stripe along bottom of front cover.


Doll sized map of Albuquerque in brown and green on cream. Reverse side has a picture of several balloons in flight next to a vertical panel of orchid purple with some information about ballooning in Albuquerque.


Golden orange camera with light gray “lens” and buttons. Red cactus flower graphic next to lens.

Messenger Bag[]

Red canvas messenger bag with white trim. White cactus flower graphic in lower right corner of flap. This is large enough to carry all the other small items in the set.