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Sadie and Sophie Rubin are the older twin sisters of Rebecca Rubin.

Personality and Facts[]

Sadie and Sophie are the twin sisters of Rebecca. Since they dress alike and their hand-me-downs go to Rebecca, she has two of all her outfits. Sadie is the older twin.

Sadie often insists that Rebecca is too young and incompetent to do anything. She loves to be in charge.

Sophie is normally is very quiet and often just does whatever Sadie says. When she does speak her mind, she often surprises everyone.

The twins are often very disparaging of Rebecca; however, they admire their younger sister's needlework skills and business ideas.

In the Books[]

Meet Rebecca[]

Rebecca and Ana[]

Candlelight for Rebecca[]

Rebecca and the Movies[]

The twins' birthday gift to Rebecca is a postcard of Charlie Chaplin, with the words written on the back, "This entitles Rebecca Rubin to one motion picture show, with an ice cream soda to follow."

Rebecca to the Rescue[]

Changes for Rebecca[]

A Bundle of Trouble[]

The Crystal Ball[]

The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca[]

  1. They are approximately three years older than Rebecca.