Saba: Under the Hyena's Foot is a book in the Girls of Many Lands series relating to Saba. It was released in 2003 and available with the doll and separately, but retired with the collection in 2005.


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Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Fear and Disaster

Chapter Two: A Fierce Longing

Chapter Three: Fire in the Night

Chapter Four: Call of the Honey Bird

Chapter Five: Lion Creatures

Chapter Six: Escape

Chapter Seven: The Giant's Compound

Chapter Eight: In the Walking Dream

Chapter Nine: Angel Voices

Chapter Ten: Hope of the Great

Chapter Eleven: Needles and Cloves, Dates and Silks

Chapter Twelve: At the Top of Fasil Gemb

Chapter Thirteen: The Hyena's Foot

Chapter Fourteen: Wax and Gold

Chapter Fifteen: Horror

Chapter Sixteen: The Kosso Seller's Son

Chapter Seventeen: Spiders Unite

Chapter Eighteen: Caught Between Saytan's Teeth

Chapter Nineteen: Song of the Dawn Singers

Chapter Twenty: Riding the Soulless Horse

Then and Now: Ethiopia

Discusses a girl's life in 1846 Ethiopia. Topics include:

  • Why a peasant childhood was often brief and dangerous.
  • Other problems peasants faced, including the slave trade.
  • Life in the palaces of Gondar.
  • Clothing a girl would have worn.
  • The city of Gondar and the different ethnic groups who lived there.
  • Christianity in Ethiopia and it's importance.
  • Education and marriage in Saba's time.
  • The King of Kings and the "Age of Judges."
  • How Kassa--later Tewodros II of Ethiopia--ended the power struggle and the Age of Judges.
  • Modern Life in Ethiopia.

Glossary of Amharic Words

Saba's Ribbon

In each Girls of Many Lands book, each main character has a ribbon. This is shown in black and white as a border at the top of the page of every chapter. In the Then and Now: A Girl's Life page, the ribbon is shown in color. Each ribbon reflects the culture of the country represented in the book.


Saba's ribbon is two red stripes with a yellow stripe in between. A diamond pattern in the contrasting color is woven in each stripe.

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