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The Ruthie Smithens doll.

The Ruthie Smithens doll was released in 2008 to coincide with the movie and marketed as the Best Friend of Kit Kittredge. Ruthie was retired in 2014.

Ruthie Doll[]

  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights, curly, no bangs, side part off to the left.
  • Eyes: Grey

Meet Outfit[]


Ruthie with Really Truly Ruthie.


Purple floral dress with puffed sleeves. White buttons down the left side and purple and white trim.


Light blue patterned socks.


Black Mary Jane-style shoes with Velcro closures and a slight heel.

Hair Bow[]

Purple hairbow of grosgrain ribbon. Color similar to that of the trim on her dress.


White cotton bloomers. American Girl tag on the inside.

Meet Accessories[]


Ruthie's Meet Accessories.


Pretend watch with hands that “move” when the watch is tilted. It is marketed as a special gift from her father.


Two rose-shaped clip-in light purple barrettes.


Black vinyl purse with a front pocket and silver-colored clasp.


White handkerchief printed with purple border. Light green thin border on either side of purple area. Lavender flowers and green leaves on either corner of white square center. Single purple flower with leaves and stem in center of handkerchief.

Mini Dolls[]


Ruthie's mini doll.

Ruthie's mini doll was released in 2008 and retired with the rest of Ruthie's collection.


  • Ruthie in the books is given brown eyes. However, the doll has grey eyes. The exact same thing happened with the Molly McIntire doll.
  • Ruthie's Meet Accessories was briefly made available as a My American Girl accessory set under the name Everyday Accessories as a Cyber Monday sale in 2014 for a discounted of $9. The purse was not included as part of the sale.