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Ruthie Smithens was the fifth Best Friend released; she is the "Best Friend" of Kit Kittredge.

In May 2014 American Girl announced that they would archive Ruthie's entire collection in preparation for the BeForever revamp; she and her collection were later archived in June 2014. Ruthie's book remained available for purchase.

Personality and Facts

Ruthie is Kit's best friend; it is unknown when the two girls met but it was sometime before the events in Meet Kit as the Kittredges have been a client in the bank that Ruthie's father works in. She loves princesses and movie stars; she is depicted as an avid reader of fairy tales (including the Color Fairy Books and Grimm's Fairy Tales). She also helps write pieces for Kit's homemade newspaper, the Hard Times News; she mostly talks as Kit types.

Unlike Kit, Ruthie's family is not financially affected by the Depression (her father works at a bank); this allows Ruthie to continue paid hobbies such as dance, tennis, and horseback riding lessons. Her family can still take vacations and she can still go to the movies easily. The Smithens have many times offered help to the Kittredges but mostly in ways that don't hurt their pride. Ruthie has an idealized worldview; due to this, she sometimes hurts and offends Kit by trying to help in not-so-tactful ways. Ruthie is fascinated with Kit's house, and how exciting it is with the variety of boarders in contrast to the quiet of her own house as an only child. She was even at one point jealous of Kit's new life as being busy, interesting, and more exciting than her own. Ruthie had noticed that people relied on Kit more and this made her seem more grown-up, which was conclusive in Kit's Surprise.

Despite their major differences Ruthie is a loyal and courageous friend who will go to great lengths to help Kit.

American Girl characterizes her as "compassionate" and "romantic."

Family and Friends


Ruthie is their only child.


Ruthie's two closest friends are Kit Kittredge and later Stirling Howard.

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Really Truly Ruthie

In Kit's Series

Ruthie plays a prominent role in all of Kit's stories and the short stories Kit’s Tree House, Kit's Winning Ways, and Kit Uses Her Head.

She also has a prominent role in Missing Grace and Intruders at Rivermead Manor.

In Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

She is played by Madison Davenport.


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The Ruthie doll.

Meet Outfit

  • Purple flower print dress
  • Light blue socks
  • Black Mary Jane shoes
  • Purple hair ribbon
  • Underpants

Meet Accessories

  • Wristwatch
  • Purple barrettes
  • Black purse
  • Handkerchief


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